Mixed Tape Videos is not just a YouTube channel. It's a community of NBA fans. Community brings engagement and engagement is the key to building a brand. We're not interested in simply shoving 30-second ads in the faces of our viewers. They mean more to us than that. What we want to do is introduce them to new ways to express their passion, whether it be through games, apps, or apparel. If that's what your brand is about, then we'd be excited to work with you on creative ways to showcase what you can offer our viewers.




Giveaway Sponsor

Mixed Tape Videos hosted an NBA 2K17 giveaway. This contest was sponsored by Fan Essentials, who also provided the winning prize. We promoted Fan Essentials across social media, and used the competition to directly drive traffic to their site. We did this by giving our viewers several options to enter the contest. A few of those options were: visit FanEssentials.net and follow the company on Twitter.

We also hold an annual NBA Playoffs Bracket Challenge, similar to the many March Madness bracket challenges. If you would like to sponsor this contest, please contact us.

Fan Engagement

We worked with From the Bench games to host a viewers-only tournament in their game NBA Flip. To enter to be a part of the tournament, viewers had to download the app and connect their Facebook account. We further promoted the game by doing a full review.

App / Product Review

Our premier Gaming & Apps channel is the perfect place to showcase your app, game, or company. We offer an in-depth, professional review with a brief mention on our main channel and features across all of our social media accounts.

Connect with our audience

If you're looking to connect with viewers on a human level, send us an email at Info@MixedTapeVideos.com. We look forward to working with you!