Gametime App Review and Discount Code!


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If you’ve ever bought an online ticket to a concert or sporting event, then you know the hassle it can be. There are dozens of websites to pick from and most of them charge a phony “convenience fee” for purchasing online. That fee goes up if you’re buying your tickets last minute and if it’s too late, you might not be able to buy a ticket at all. And then you have to worry about printing the ticket or meeting a stranger in the back alley and hoping they’re not a ticket scalper. The bottom line is, it’s not fun.

Enter Gametime, the app that promises to simplify the ticket-buying experience. But does it really work? The answer is yes. Gametime was kind enough to sponsor a few videos on Mixed Tape Videos as well as this review and give us a promo code for you guys to use, but I can tell you honestly that it is an awesome app that will make you wonder why you ever used another service before. By the way, I’m going to give you more information about that promo code later on so keep watching.

So how does Gametime work?

Once you select your city, the app will list all available events going on in the area. You select the event you want and choose from a list of seats. You can sort the tickets by the lowest price, biggest discount, or the best seats. What’s awesome about the app is that you can actually see the view from that seat. So, pick your seats and how many tickets you want, and then pay by scanning your debit or credit card, which then remains on file for your next purchase.

Your tickets are on your phone so you don’t have to print anything. Just show the barcode on your phone and you’re in. Since the tickets are on your phone, you can email or text them to anyone in your group that’s going with you.

It’s simple, easy, and there are no extra fees other than the ticket. You can even buy last minute tickets and the price is the same.

So the next question might be, is it safe? Cyber security is a big deal nowadays and Gametime has done its job in ensuring that nothing will go wrong with your purchase. If it does, they’ve got your back. Most importantly, the payment is encrypted and stored on your phone. Gametime has also provided two guarantees - the Gametime Guarantee and the Gametime Price Guarantee. First, Gametime guarantees that the tickets you purchased will be valid for entry, you can contact them directly with any issues, even if you’re at the gate, and if the event is cancelled and not rescheduled, you’ll get a full refund on your tickets. Second, if you do find a lower price somewhere else for the same event and seats, they’ll add 110% of the difference between the price you found and their price in Gametime credit to your account.

So not only is it simple, it’s safe and legit. And if you buy a ticket and change your mind about going, you can even sell your ticket through the app.

So about that promo code. Go to, and download the app. It’s available for Android or iOS. Enter the promo code MTV and you’ll get $10 off your tickets. Now there are some tickets available that are $9, which means with that promo code, those tickets will be free. You’re welcome. Have fun. You can even refer your friends and get another $10.

So there you go, an overview and review of the Gametime app. If you want to see more app reviews, subscribe to our new Gaming & Apps channel on YouTube, or follow the blog.