Why Kevin Durant Signing with The Warriors is a Bad Move for Everyone

We all have heard it by now, the 2014 MVP is heading to the 73-9 Golden State Warriors. It is moments like this when everyone has an opinion, so I want to express mine with arguments. To understand the magnitude of this move, we need to revisit some history; first of all it needs to be clarified that super teams are not something new in the NBA. It didn’t start with the 2008 Boston Celtics and it certainly didn’t with 2011 Miami Heat. This comes since the beginning of the NBA. I could give examples like the 1956 Boston Celtics, who ended up having 7 Hall-of-Famers on their roster and finishing their run with 11 titles, or the Showtime Lakers with arguably the best point guard and center in basketball history playing alongside each other, or even the Jordan Bulls, I mean, you get the point. Also I am not going to use the loyalty argument on Durant, because we really don´t know what was going on inside OKC´s locker room and the reasons why he ultimately left. With that all said, let’s get into what is one of the worst moves in NBA free agency history.

Makes the League Less Competitive

We start with the obvious one; if the team that just broke the record for most wins in the regular season acquires one of the top 3 players in the game, it's going to make things a little bit less nail-biting. We will be forced to watch an 82-game season when we practically already know which teams will meet in the Finals. We know that anything can happen, injuries, upsides or maybe an explosion from a team. Who knows? Maybe Derrick Rose will come back to his MVP form, but unless any of those things happen we pretty much know who is going to win the West.

Diminishes Stephen Curry´s Role

I have read a lot of things about this topic but something that caught my attention is that nobody is talking about Stephen Curry. Curry just had one of the best individual seasons in league history. Just a few months ago, arguments were being made about him being more offensively gifted than Michael Jordan. The repercussion that this signing has on Stephen is huge. He was on his way to becoming one of the all-time greats in basketball history, but now he will have to share his stats with Draymond Green, who is a walking triple double, Klay Thompson, the second best shooter in the world, and Kevin Durant, who hasn´t averaged less than 25 points since his rookie season. Curry will be no longer the face of the franchise and if they make multiple championship runs he will not be face of the dynasty. Curry will probably never win a scoring title or an MVP trophy again, and that means the story of the 6´3"-185-pound-guy with ankle problems carrying his team and imposing his will upon the league, is now over.

Destroys Kevin Durant´s Legacy

Now this is the biggest point of all, Kevin Durant’s legacy is now ruined. Durant has an incredible resume: 7 time All-Star, 6 All-NBA selections, 4 scoring titles, 2008 ROY, 2014 MVP, and the list is continuous. But there is something missing: NBA World Champion. Durant´s goal at this stage of his career, after everything he has accomplished, is to win a championship, and he is so desperate to do so that he joined one of the best teams of all time, the one who just happens to have the reigning two-time MVP on it, the one who knocked him out of the playoffs, the one he should had have a rivalry with. It does not matter if Durant wins next year, every one of us expect them to, so it doesn´t matter. If KD ends his career with 2, 3, or even 4 rings in his hand we will not respect it as much as if he had won just one in Oklahoma. He did a lot for the community and he deserves respect for the good he has done, but that means he also deserves the criticism he is about to get for making the decision of switching sides and choosing the easy path.

Honestly, when I first heard that Kevin Durant was heading to Oakland, I was shocked. All players have the right to work for any organization they want, we all know that, but it is deeply disappointing witnessing this lack of competitive spirit from a basketball superstar like him. I don´t see how this benefits anyone, and this is going to affect the entire league for years to come, but that’s the kind of power you get when you are a basketball ambassador like Durant.